My first project in years

When I left Kansas City, I packed my shop with plans of what I would create once I unpacked again. That did not happen until this year. That means 7 years of not being creative.

I am not sure that there was a specific event that caused me to just stop, but it became a monumental task to start again. I had lost faith in myself and my abilities as time went by. I still am not 100%, but I will work on it each week.

Oh, below is the first project I have done in 7 years. It is a basic enameling project done to make sure I remembered all of the steps.



My first large repousse project

My first large repousse piece

The above piece was done on a whim this summer. I wanted to see if I could apply knowledge gained in passing to an actual piece of metal. It turned out pretty well I think. I am thinking it would look nice on the top of a box of some sort…

Major Personal Project

This summer I was forced to move to a new place. One good thing about moving is cleaning. The second is getting better organized.

When I moved from Kansas City 7 years ago, I brought 52 boxes of books with me. The majority were reference or Sci-Fi. Three years ago when I decided to move to Chicago, I was determined not to take as much with me. To that end, I sold tons of books to individuals and donated 6 boxes to a book charity. Once in Chicago, I sold 3 boxes of books and a box of CD’s (they were all copier paper boxes). My move back from Chicago contained only 24 boxes of books!

So what has this got to do with personal projects? Well, I love my books, but what is the point of having the reference books if I do not use them? Thus I decided that I need to complete one project from each of my metalworking and enameling books. The challenge being that I cannot purchase another book of like kind until I do. Sometimes, if it turns out well, I will allow myself a new shop tool.

So the first set of pics I am posting is my first attempt at foldforming. The resulting forms were made from a 1.5″ piece of copper. I did not measure the end product. Perhaps I will do that tonight.

Better late than never.

After much deliberation and frustration with sites like Facebook, I decided to start a separate blog. There will be fewer of the “wrong” sort of people with knowledge of this space.


Be warned, this blog will probably bore most of you…