Holiday Ornaments

I have a credit at a local bead shop that is about 4 months old. I had tried to use it for classes, but they kept getting cancelled as not enough people had signed up. In order to fulfill a creative itch and calm the fears of the wallet, I decided to use the credit for product instead. Good for my wallet and good for the local shop that got to keep the money and not have to refund it.


Seventy Five bucks is a chunk of change when you do not have a specific plan. I arrived at the store and wandered around trying to decide what goodies I should take home. I arrived at the metal working section and an idea began to take form. I should make an enameled holiday ornament for the company Holiday Tree! But the entire logo or just part? I ran through the mental list of colors I knew I had on hand and decided I needed more enamels, just in case. I picked out 2 blues and 2 grays and an cool looking green just for giggles. I had a bit more of my credit left so I splurged and purchased 3 ft of sterling silver half-round wire for some random project in my future. I know I saw a cool project somewhere that will require it! Besides, I managed to finally use up the wayward credit.

No, I did not rush home to my bench. I took my time getting back, and shopped for dinner. I did not hit my bench until 9pm last night. Why? It took me that long to decide to do only one element from the logo. I still may do whe whole thing, eventually.

Below is the logo and then the ornament. Not great pics, but you get the idea.



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. sirensheart
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 10:46:55

    You have to click on the pics to see them.


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