Omens and signs

There I was, minding my own business and watering the garden. Noting unusual for me, until I looked up. There, on the fence was a beautiful hawk. Just sitting there like this was a normal thing. 10 feet from where I was. Here are some of the photos:



Dye Saturday

I have been watching the videos from Glynnis at Shibori Girl. I will admit that I was a bit skeptical to try the mandala on my own. The first bit of fabric I pulled out was too thick. I may be able to make it work eventually. We were told that Cotton Lawn would work the best, but no one had it locally. So, I dug out some super thin muslin to try it on. This seems to work better. So, It is in the dye bath slowly turning into something. I also added a bit of folding and pinning at the end to finish out the test. Here are the photos from the beginning of today. I will post the results later.